“For the sake of those who bear my name, I should wish it to be held in remembrance as that of one who,
with small opportunities but limited resources, did what he could for his native land”

Hamilton Hume tombstone, Yass Cemetery.

The name ‘Hume Partners’ was chosen to recognize the significant contribution made to Australia by its greatest explorer Hamilton Hume.

Australia’s two major financial capitals, Sydney and Melbourne, are indeed connected by the Hume Highway and it is these two cities where our foundation clients were based.

Simply put, Hamilton Hume was Australia’s greatest explorer. He discovered Australia’s greatest rivers (Murray and Darling) and its richest farmlands and, in the harshest of conditions, self-funded the first overland expedition from Sydney to Melbourne.

However, Hume was more than just an explorer. He was, firstly, an Australian born in Australia in 1797 to free settling British parents. In a country occupied by British forces in a land inhabited by indigenous people for thousands of years, he led by example establishing a profound understanding of the Aboriginal people and the Australian bush. Hume befriended the Aborigines where others turned to violence and in each of his major expeditions they helped him achieve success with their knowledge of the land and rivers.

As Robert Macklin wrote in his book Hamilton Hume:

“He had been the pathfinder to much of the most valuable country in Australia…. But perhaps the greatest service he rendered Australia was his understanding of the mood and quality of his homeland as only a native-born could. To this he added a visionary appreciation of its potential and a unique respect for the Aboriginal people.”