For the past five years, the Hume Partners team has run various diversified portfolios for Peter Scanlon, Taverners Group and the Scanlon Foundation and these have all generated in excess of 10% per annum (pre-tax) compound over this period.

    Bespoke Service

    We aim to become your virtual in-house investment team – a trusted source for new investments, a sounding board for ideas, an independent voice on risk and asset allocation, and a filter for assessing new opportunities with diligent groundwork.

    We tailor products to our clients’ needs and, where necessary, create new in-house products. It is this ‘bespoke’ approach that ensures clients are fully engaged in the investment process, as well as the end product.

    Investor Alignment

    We are completely independent with transparent fees and no conflicts or commissions. Our investment management fee is straight-forward and simply aimed at cost recovery. The Hume performance fee is based on absolute returns so that we are aligned and you only pay on success.

    Investment Approach

    We take a pragmatic approach to identifying compelling investments, tapping into best-in-class managers and allocating funds judiciously with capital preservation a key consideration:

    • Broad selection of investments

      We filter and choose investments from across the investment universe, regardless of asset class. We do not simply stick to known or familiar asset types

    • Investment Managers

      We select the best investment managers and remain actively involved in their investment process to ensure they remain on-task. This involves interviewing and back-researching managers, building relationships with key people and participating in decision-making where possible (eg. via investment committee representation). In some cases, we can cherry pick what we regard as the best opportunities unearthed by the investment manager

    • Detailed analysis

      We are willing to take a significant position in a given investment where warranted. We therefore aim to quickly filter opportunities and undertake considerable groundwork in understanding the investment, assessing the risks and verifying the legal documents and custody arrangements in detail

    • Industry specialists

      Working on behalf of a small number of high net worth clients, we have unique access to the best investment banks, stockbrokers, accounting firms, insolvency practices, advisory firms, real estate agents and industry specialists. This is key to unearthing and assessing opportunities, and selecting best-in-class managers

    • Flexible products

      If we can’t find a manager whose offering is exactly as desired or who we don’t feel is sufficiently credentialed, we will look to create that product under the Hume Umbrella eg. Hume Equities, Hume Covered Calls, Hume Property

    • Macro Level Risk assessments

      We assess the risk-return prospects of asset classes at the macro level based on financial and economic analysis. We are willing to make a clear ‘call’ on an asset class that informs our investment recommendations

    • Diverse Knowledge of investment landscape

      Having clarity of the various returns and risks right across the investment landscape gives us a unique ability to compare and contrast the best places to invest on your behalf

    • Tailored Products

      With your guidance and our broad platform of investment opportunities we construct either entire portfolios or asset specific products

    Risk-Return Focus

    • Our focus is absolute returns (not relative)

    • Asset preservation is our mantra. All investments are viewed through this prism – what is the risk of losing our client’s money. We ensure your investments are held in the most secure custodial arrangements, typically held directly in your own name

    • Prior to analysing the upside from any investment we firstly calculate the downside scenarios

    • Any potential upside is always judged against the associated risk eg. operational, financial, managerial